Computer Technician

Computer Technician

March 19, 2023

We are looking for an experienced Computer Technician to join our team! As a Computer Technician at our company, you will be responsible for installing, maintaining and repairing computers and networks. Your role will be crucial for ensuring that our IT infrastructure works properly with maximum capabilities.

Computer Technician duties and responsibilities

  • Set up hardware
  • Install software 
  • Maintain and repair technological equipment
  • Manage software in computers and networks
  • Ensure privacy and data protection 
  • Perform regular upgrades
  • Perform troubleshoot activities
  • Install well-functioning LAN/WAN and other networks
  • Manage network components (servers, IPs, etc.)
  • Manage and implement security solutions
  • Create records of repairs and fixes 
  • Provide technical support 
  • Train and collaborate with other team members

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